English Idioms — Английски идиоми

To be up and about; to be up and around

To be able to be out of bed after an illness.

Изправям се на крака (след боледуване)

Well, pret­ty soon the old man was up and around again, and then he went for Judge Thatch­er in the courts to make him give up that mon­ey, and he went for me, too, for not stop­ping school.

Adven­tures of Huck­le­ber­ry Finn Mark Twain

“Well, we got back home all right and then we was all sick. Malar­ia, I guess it was, or typhoid. I’ve always been as strong as a horse and in a lit­tle while I was up and around. But Dad didn’t pick up the way he ought to and they took him to hospital.

Begin­ners Luck Emi­ly Hahn

“But I for­bid it!” it said sharply. “Until I’m up and about and able to be givin’ her in mar­riage as her grand­fa­ther ought to be doin’! Ye’ll wait the few days till I’m able! Understand?”

Atten­tion Saint Patrick William Fitzger­ald Jenkins

Even so, there was the prob­a­bil­i­ty that, with all the care and skil­ful treat­ment he could pos­si­bly receive, it would be at least three or four days before Julius could be up and about again

The First Mate: The Sto­ry of a Strange Cruise Har­ry Collingwood

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