English Idioms — Английски идиоми

Fair and square

Being direct or fair.

Открито, честно.

Write it out fair and square and sign it, and I’m your man.

Cap­tains All W.W. Jacobs

She is fair and square, and will give her hus­band val­ue for his mon­ey, but some­how one feels it a pity that all she will give him is value.

A Lon­don Mosa­ic Wal­ter Lionel

They talked it over, and they was going to rule me out, because they said every boy must have a fam­i­ly or some­body to kill, or else it wouldn’t be fair and square for the others.

Adven­tures of Huck­le­ber­ry Finn Mark Twain

I want to win, but I want to win fair and square.

Atom Dri­ve Charles Louis Fontenay

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