English Idioms — Английски идиоми

To have set one’s heart on doing something

Want some­thing very much.

Решил съм непременно да сторя нещо.

“It is almost too good to be true that Phil can find the right kind of work in Green­dale and we can live here at Arden Hall. But you are mis­tak­en about my hav­ing set my heart on liv­ing here.”

Mar­garet Rebec­ca Piper Sylvia Arden Decides

Fools are they who feel affec­tion for such a body, and wise are they who set not their heart on it.

The Baitâl Pachchisi John Platts, Dun­can Forbes

There’s a young man been pay­ing Luel­la some atten­tion, and he’s going down there soon; I don’t know but he’s there already; and his moth­er and sis­ter are spend­ing the whole sea­son there; so Luel­la had her heart set on going down and board­ing at the same hotel.”

Aunt Crete’s Eman­ci­pa­tion Grace Liv­ingston Hill

But that woman seemed to have her heart set on hang­ing that Spaniard; and you’d ought to have seen how she would glare on him a minute, and then look up at me in her plead­ing way, and then turn and for the next five min­utes search the jury’s faces, and by and by drop her face in her hands for just a lit­tle while as if she was most ready to give up; but out she’d come again direct­ly, and be as live and anx­ious as ever.

Sketch­es New and Old, Com­plete Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

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