English Idioms — Английски идиоми

Hit the sack

Go to sleep.

Отивам да спя.

“Now I know you’re all tired, gen­tle­men, and anx­ious to hit the sack. I won’t keep you much longer.”

The Prob­lem Mak­ers Robert P. Hoskins

I rolled out of bed. It had gone mid­night and I’d heard my par­ents hit the sack at eleven.

Lit­tle Broth­er Cory Doc­torow

“Okay, boys,” Mr. Liv­ingston agreed. “We’ve had a hard dri­ve, and I’m ready to hit the sack—since you insist.”

Boy Scout Explor­ers at Head­less Hol­low Don Palmer

“Go home, Mac, like a good guy. Go home and hit the sack.”

The Catch­er in the Rye J.D. Salinger

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