Northanger Abbey — EN

Advertisement by the Authoress, to Northanger Abbey

This lit­tle work was fin­ished in the year 1803, and intend­ed for imme­di­ate pub­li­ca­tion. It was dis­posed of to a book­seller, it was even adver­tised, and why the busi­ness pro­ceed­ed no far­ther, the author has nev­er been able to learn. That any book­seller should think it worth-while to pur­chase what he did not think it worth-while to pub­lish seems extra­or­di­nary. But with this, nei­ther the author nor the pub­lic have any oth­er con­cern than as some obser­va­tion is nec­es­sary upon those parts of the work which thir­teen years have made com­par­a­tive­ly obso­lete. The pub­lic are entreat­ed to bear in mind that thir­teen years have passed since it was fin­ished, many more since it was begun, and that dur­ing that peri­od, places, man­ners, books, and opin­ions have under­gone con­sid­er­able changes.

to dis­pose of ⇒ To give or trans­fer to some­one else, espe­cial­ly per­ma­nent­ly; (here) To sell.

far­ther ˈfɑːðə adv To or at a greater extent or degree or a more advanced stage: fur­ther

obso­lete ˈɒb­səliːt adj No longer used, out of date.

entreat ɪnˈtriːt v To make an earnest request: beg, pray, appeal, implore, plead with

to bear in mind ⇒ To remember.